£u¾iscy Serbja
Das Volk der Lausitzer Sorben
Sorbs of Lusatia (in Germany)

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Minority SafePack is a citizens' initiative to protect the linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity of the numerous minorities in Europe.
"In varietate concordia - united in diversity" is the motto of the European Union.
Minority SafePack is addressing the EU Commission with a package of legislative proposals. The European Union needs to tak
e even more responsibility and become a real supporter of cultural and linguistic diversity in Europe!
More than 340 peoples and ethnic groups live in Europe. Every seventh European belongs to a minority. Many are not recognized, some do not even have a recognized citizenship.

Minority SafePack ist eine Bürgerinitiative zum Schutz der sprachlichen, kulturellen und ethnischen Vielfalt der zahlreichen Minderheiten in Europa.
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Carolina Eyck is a member of the Sorbian Artists' Association.
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"Reja" (Sorb dance)

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